Precise Dental Care

No one wants poorly-fitted dentures or uncomfortable fillings. Thanks to precision dental techniques, we can perform many procedures with meticulous detail. Precision dentistry, along with the other advanced technology at our office, allows for improved accuracy while increasing patient comfort.

High-powered Microscopes

Our office uses high-powered microscopes because their enhanced imaging provides our dental team with high-quality visuals that allow us to give you the best results possible. To produce such precise images, these microscopes use bright lights, but we will make sure to direct their rays into your mouth, not your eyes.

Electric Hand-pieces

The most popular type of hand-piece, or drill, among dentists is air-driven. For many treatments, this equipment is perfectly suitable. However, air-driven drills don't always smooth surfaces as evenly as some procedures require, and they tend to be loud, which can make some patients uncomfortable. When more meticulous detailing and fitting is required, we use electric-powered hand-pieces. These tools allow for far more precise work, and they operate with less noise and vibration than air-driven hand-pieces. Much like high-powered microscopes, this advanced equipment helps us provide you with the best possible results while improving your comfort.

Byrd Adkins D.D.S. Smile Company is proud to offer a range of dental services to residents of the Amarillo, TX area. We've been a part of the community for decades, and we're pleased to offer precision dental care to our patients. To learn more about the equipment we use to keep your smiles healthy, call us at (806) 372-4012 or schedule an appointment.